I am a geek, entrepreneur, developer, and father of three living in Roswell, GA.  I am passionate about anything and everything related to technology.  And yes, I can fix your computer.  I follow a strict 85/15 paleo diet (15% whiskey and ice cream) and when I am not recovering from random injuries I am slightly fanatical with CrossFit.

What’s with the name?

My friend Patrick dubbed me with the name and it stuck. These days most of my friends like to call me “High Tech Dave”, “htd” or even just “high-tech”.

What do I do?

Besides being obsessed with the internet and technology, I spend much of my time leading a team at The Coca-Cola Company.  There I run a business within the business creating digital solutions for both customers and employees.    I manage a diverse portfolio of digital products and several internal service lines.    My focus areas are product management, video, web/mobile apps, UX, and digital signage.

For a geek, I have a pretty cool gig.

About the site

Ahhh technology fatigue.  It is real people!  This originally was just a place to capture some of the things I discover in my  escapades as a developer and tech-junkie.  For a techie I am notably lacking on the updates and social antics.  Maybe I will get around to dusting this blog off, maybe not.

In any case, thanks for stopping by 😀