Sharepoint and the Invalid page URL error

I am working on a custom list for Sharepoint WSS.  This involves creating a custom master which applies only to the new entry form for the list.  This by itself has its own issues.  You might think you can simply just change the name of your master from “default.master” to “custom.master” wouldn’t you?  Well partner,… Continue reading Sharepoint and the Invalid page URL error

Getting PHPMyAdmin working on WampServer 2

I am working on a project that requires me to use Windows for a Wordpress install. Unfortunately I cannot seem to get my code to run on the WampServer I am beta testing on so I needed to install it locally to make debugging easier. Since it has been since college since I setup and installed a web server on Windows (IIRC) I ran into a couple hurdles. The most aggravating was PHPMyAdmin because I kept getting an “Access Denied” error. Well after a good bit o’ Google-fu I finally found a solution that worked.