NavigateUrl in SharePoint master pages

If you find that you want your site logo link to go elsewhere you adjust the NavigateUrl property in your SPLinkButton reference. In my case I wanted it to go to the root of the sub site, not the site collection. NavigateUrl=”~sitecollection/” became NavigateUrl=”~site/”

SharePoint Workflow completes with status ‘Stopped’

I recently ran into a problem in WSS3 with emails not firing when folks registered for an online course.  The workflow would inconsistently end with the status of ‘stopped’.  However, every time I would run it things went through without a problem.  After some research I stumbled upon a great post that seems to have… Continue reading SharePoint Workflow completes with status ‘Stopped’

Recover NewForm.aspx from the dead in Sharepoint 2007

Have you nuked your NewForm.aspx  page in Sharepoint WSS/MOSS 2007?   This can happen if you remove the default list web part from the page and save the file.  The problem is apparently that any time you create a custom list form web part, it grabs the latest fields from NewForm.aspx not from the list settings. … Continue reading Recover NewForm.aspx from the dead in Sharepoint 2007

Understanding the Sharepoint CAML query

Sharepoint allows you to utilize web service calls to retrieve and manipulate data.  To do this though you will need to be able to write CAML to create your queries.  I found this site pretty useful when it came time to really dig into creating my own custom CAML-based Sharepoint queries.