Sharepoint: Hiding the unhidable fields

Sharepoint allows you a lot of freedom to control what your user sees in lists throughout your site.  But if you like me have customized  not only your theme and templates, you also want to customize the forms that your users interact with.

To do this you likely are editing your NewForm.aspx and probably have a custom master page.  What you might be wondering is how on earth do you hide the Title field in forms?

Unlike other fields in a list, Title is special in that it cannot be deleted, no matter what.  You can do a few things though… you can easily hide it from your default view and you can also ensure it isn’t required.  However, this still leaves it showing when users add new items to the list or edit the list.

Check out this tutorial on how to accomplish the unpossible, hiding the Title field in your forms without any hacking.

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