Downloading past purchases from iTunes (or your other devices)

It has been awhile since I felt the desire to blog, things have been really busy.  But this tip was just too good not to share!

Have you ever wanted to re-download something from iTunes?  I sure have.  One example was a TV Season I bought for the kids a while back, Backyardigans Season 3.  I opted for the HD variety but once we tried to view it, it was awful.  It averaged something like 3 frames per second.    Apple doesn’t exactly make it obvious how to report a problem or get help with such things.  At least it wasn’t obvious to me, and I looked for awhile.

So with the upcoming release of iCloud Apple has introduced a neat new feature, you can download all of your past purchases!  This seems like one of those features that have been there since day one.  But unless you were some high-profile celebrity or got lucky, you couldn’t technically do this in the past.

So here you go, go get those accidentally deleted episodes you have been missing.

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