Visual Corruption in VMWare 5 when using Office 2013 applications

Visual corruption got you down?  Well there are two ways to bring sanity to using your VM. To work around this issue, either disable 3D acceleration for the virtual machine, or disable hardware acceleration in the particular Microsoft Office 2013 application. To disable 3D acceleration in a Windows 7 or 8 virtual machine: Shut down… Continue reading Visual Corruption in VMWare 5 when using Office 2013 applications

Looking for a few good developers

We are looking to hire (long-term contract) several client-side or front end developers to join our team in an in-house studio environment. We work on sites large and small and deploy in a SharePoint environment with a combination of pure Javascript, jQuery, JSON, XSLT, CSS, and SharePoint webparts. We value all experience related to web/Sharepoint… Continue reading Looking for a few good developers

New Media Atlanta Conference

Well today was the New Media Atlanta conference.   I was pleasantly surprised not only at the turnout but the expertise of speakers that were present.  The panel segment offered fantastic insight into how social media is being leveraged at major companies today.  Other speakers spoke about why social media is relevant and how you can… Continue reading New Media Atlanta Conference


Hello and welcome to my new blog.  I figured I needed a spot to toss all the ramdom stuff I figure out on any given day.  It gives me a place to refer back to but also hopefully will save others the time of sorting this stuff out alone.