New Media Atlanta Conference

Well today was the New Media Atlanta conference.   I was pleasantly surprised not only at the turnout but the expertise of speakers that were present.  The panel segment offered fantastic insight into how social media is being leveraged at major companies today.  Other speakers spoke about why social media is relevant and how you can better leverage it in your business.  I definitely walked away with some great ideas that will improve my business.

I admit before this conference I had no idea who Chris Brogan was.   This guy is the Jesus of social media.  And his stage presence makes him more than just another speaker, this guy can entertain and adapt to a crowd.  He really did steal the show and I look forward to reading his book.

Cheers to all the folks who put the event together and to all of the speakers.  I do wish I had more time to socialize with everyone.  I look forward to the next event!

Update: Check out a video of the event here.

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